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Moved to South Florida to follow my passion for the ocean & found a new one along the way. I'm devoted to the sea, and using my photography to portray it. Feel free to shoot me a message or visit my other social media venues!
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lastlightsnet said:

Sorry, I didn’t know there was work limit. The rest says “(for me, at least). But, I know there are people crushing it with Etsy, so hope you’ll be the one, too! Please keep us updated on your progress. :)”

Oh no problem! But yeah! I’ve seen a lot of success on Etsy, so I’m hoping it all works out!
I’ll definitely keep you all up to date with my shop progress!! I’m hoping to have the first few photos up this Saturday! ^.^


lastlightsnet said:

Good luck! I previously studied a bit about Etsy, but eventually didn’t get started as I always had a doubt whether those things are worth putting my time and effort. If I spent 50 hours a month and earned $50, it would be a waste of time (for me, at

( not sure what the rest of your reply was, it cut off D= )

But thank you! And yeah…that’s the one thing that concerns me abut etsy… if i dont make any sales, I’m out however much i spent on listing fees (.30cents+ a pop), whereas on storenvy listings are free, but then again Etsy has more brand recognition…so there’s that… Idk, i’ll probably only be putting my most popular/requested on etsy until i make a few sales..

kaijao said:

Oh, could you post the links to your shops when you’re ready? I’d love to see them :)

Most definitely!! ^.^ I’m hoping to have them up this coming weekend! I’m gonna work on them on my days off!

FINALLY got everything i need to start selling my photos, so now all I’ve got to do is set up a shop!

I think, until I figure out which I prefer, I’ll open up shops on both Etsy and Storenvy, and see which does better! ^.^ Hopefully I can get them up an running by this time next week!!